The Hunt for Wunderwaffe

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There are only a few stories about the secrets of World War II that can fire the imagination of researchers and readers the way the rumors about German Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapon) do. This book presents a verification of the unquestionably most interesting and – at the same time – least noted threads of the story: the traces that lead the German researches on secret weapons to the mysterious Polish Owl Mountains. The most secret weapon of the Third Reich was supposed to be developed and tested right in this particular mountain range – according to the information spread since 1998. This top-secret project was code-named „Chronos“; an apparatus called „The Bell“ (die Glocke) was its mastermind.

Will the hypothesis about a technological breakthrough made by the Nazi Germans in strict confidentiality that has been promoted for decades be ultimately confirmed? Will the hitherto information about the German works on Wunderwaffe in the Owl Mountains be what their promoters wanted them to be? Or perhaps the truth is somewhat different…

Bartosz Rdułtowski – an author of a number of books devoted to secret armament projects – presents the results of his 10-year research on the case; a research – and its publication – that has met with a huge interest in Poland.



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